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RunFit Assessment

What is it?

A comprehensive biomechanical analysis of your running alongside a full physio assessment to help increase running potential, performance, efficiency, and economy

Using validated objective data to drive our clinical decision making, our RunFit Assessments use the latest Vimove 2 motion sensor technology.  This is then analysed by our in-house experts who are runners themselves and therefore understand the athlete’s requirements and movement patterns.  We endeavor to develop an evidence-based approach to assessing runners and our work is always supported by the latest research.

Ours is a unique system that assesses real-time outdoor running data using validated metrics. We can, of course, use a treadmill as well but as running is predominantly outdoor driven, we feel that collecting data outside during a real-time run is the primary way to fully assess your running metrics and biomechanics. This is particularly applicable to fell and trail runners.

Real-time running assessment


  • Screening of the athlete in the clinical setting
  • Strength assessment
  • Video assessment (where applicable)
  • ViMove2 metrics analysis – looking at running parameters which are not possible to achieve with the human eye or normal video capture
  • Real-time run evaluation.  ViMove2 sensor technology is the only system which allows this process alongside complex biometric feedback
  • Review on a treadmill (when required) with ViMove2 live assessment – fine-tuning
  • Detailed report and improvement strategy
  • Key exercises and cues in conjunction with findings



What objective parameters can we look at?

  • Ground forces each step (Ground Reaction Force – GRF)
  • How quickly you push off from each foot (Initial Peak Acceleration – IPA)
  • How long you spend on each foot, each step (Ground Contact Time – GCT)
  • How you land each foot e.g. midfoot, forefoot, heel strike (Style)
  • How many steps you take each minute (Cadence)
  • Video-based complete gait cycle



What we need to know before the session

We will send you a confidential online questionnaire that addresses information that will drive the main session.  This includes training history/load, goals, previous injuries etc

NOTE:  you must be able to currently run in order to be assessed by the RunFit protocol (NOT carrying a significant injury)


Full RunFit Package (£150) 2hrs

  • We will ask you to complete a short questionnaire before our assessment relating to your running history. This saves time and allows us to plan and focus the session
  • You need to be in a position where you are able to run, as we will assess you using the ViMove2 sensors to provide us with a full biomechanical analysis
  • Initial discussion of training history, load, and future goals
  • Screening of the athlete in the clinical setting.  Both static and dynamic movement, muscle strength and length, stability and control
  • Strength assessment related to the type of runner you are in order to fully understand any weaknesses which may be present
  • Video assessment in both the coronal (rear) and sagittal (side) planes on the treadmill
  • Evaluation of your current footwear and associated metrics
  • We the use ViMove2 system which is a fully scientifically validated wearable sensor technology that enables us to specifically identify areas of improvement alongside areas that may lead to injury.  ViMove2 allows us to analyse running parameters that are unable to be achieved by the human eye or normal video capture.
  • Where appropriate we will send you for a real-time run to evaluate your running in conditions that are more specific to your type of running (e.g. fell, trail, road).  ViMove2 sensor technology is the only system that allows this process alongside complex biometric feedback. We can also use our treadmill for this process should it be required or more appropriate.
  • To further this analysis we may then review you on a treadmill in a ViMove2 live assessment which can help us review more specific aspects in finer detail.  Often this, more importantly, allows us to begin the process of rehabilitation and/or adaptation to change, depending on findings.
  • Following your assessment, we will provide a detailed report and review discussion and individualised strategies to take away from the session and work on.  This may include a home exercise program and guidance on running volume/style.


Physio led ViMove 2 Assessment (£80) 1hr

This is a stand-alone ViMove2 assessment with a clinician who will assess your running and give feedback and cues/exercises to work on out of the clinic. Normally carried out on treadmill due to time restrictions, it is usually used following a physio session (s) where we already have other information as to your condition, or as an add-on after the resolution of an injury.

This session should not be viewed as a cheaper full session but as part of an ongoing treatment and assessment programme.