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RunFit Assessment

What is a RunFit Assessment?

A comprehensive analysis of your running alongside a full Physio assessment to enable running potential, minimise injury, promote recovery and develop running performance, efficiency and economy

Our RunFit service is delivered by our in-house expert who is an accomplished runner & physiotherapist and therefore understands athletes’ requirements and movement patterns. We endeavour to develop an evidence-based approach to assessing runners, and our work is always supported by the latest research

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who runs. Whether you are a beginner or have run for many years, if you run 5 km or ultra-marathons – we can tailor this service to your needs and goals
  • People who are returning from a running-related injury
  • Runners who would like to prevent and reduce the risk of further injury
  • Athletes who would like to be proactive and decrease the risk of a running-related injury
  • Individuals who would like to optimise efficiency, economy and performance

Overview of the RunFit Session

  • Functional and physio screening of the athlete in a clinical setting. Both static and dynamic movement, muscle strength, length, stability, and control
  • Strength assessment (functional and individual muscle groups where required) This will be related to the type of runner you are in order to fully understand any weaknesses that may be present
  • High-definition video assessment and review of running biomechanics on the treadmill. We use video analysis alongside augmented reality (AR) technology to review your movement patterns using accurate joint centre projection. This demonstrates the movement patterns of each joint during the running gait cycle which may show discrepancies within the cycle that we need to address.
  • The above biometrics and movement patterns are then analysed alongside the runner to ensure understanding
  • Detailed summary and improvement strategy for progression provided
  • Key exercises and cues will be given in conjunction with findings from the assessment
  • A follow-up session may or may not be recommended depending on the findings and outcome of the assessment.

Before Your RunFit

We will send you a confidential online questionnaire that addresses information which will drive the main session. This includes training history/load, goals, previous injuries etc.

We may ask you to share your training history via online systems (this is not compulsory but may help us should you decide to comply)

NOTE: you must be able to currently run in order to be assessed by the RunFit protocol

Please bring your running gear with you along with a spare pair of clean running shoes


Your RunFit session will last 90 minutes and cost £130.00