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Sports & Remedial Massage


You don’t have to be a budding olympian or elite athlete to feel the benefits of massage with our Soft Tissue Specialists

Sports/Remedial massage is the manipulation of soft tissue such as muscles, ligaments and tendons. It can aid issues such as stiffness, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and muscle stress caused by repetitive physical activity. Regular sports massage aims to improve the flexibility of both joints and muscles. It improves circulation and will aid the healing of damaged muscle tissue and help prevent further injury to the soft tissue.

Massage sessions are however tailored to your individuals needs at the time.  It may be that a general loosening up of the body is required following a hard week at work, and because you deserve it!

Pre-Event Sports Massage

Prior to an event to provide muscle stimulation and assist in the warming up of relevant muscles

Sports/Remedial Massage

Regular sports massage during training will assist in repairing any small tears in the soft tissue which can occur during regular training/physical activity. Massage will aid recovery from muscle soreness, increase flexibility and assist performance.

Post-Event Massage

Ideally carried out within 24-48hrs of competing in an event, this helps with the removal of lactic acid build-up and in turn assists in relieving soreness.

Rehabilitation Massage

In conjunction with injury treatment can assist in reducing the build-up of scar tissue and help in re-gaining flexibility and strength.


£40 for 50 minutes