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Clinical Exercise: Long-Term Conditions

Take Control

We provide specialist exercise programmes for people with life-altering clinical conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, COPD, diabetes and long COVID. Programmes are also recommended for those looking to improve their lifestyle, manage weight or build confidence to exercise independently. We are the only clinic in the North West providing this service.

Exercise is Medicine

For anyone living with, or recovering from, one of many chronic conditions, exercise is a powerful tool to help maximise quality and longevity of life. This is achieved by prescribing specialist, clinically proven and highly effective physical exercise sessions, both in clinic and at home (with prescribed exercises), alongside tailored lifestyle and nutrition support.

Our resident specialist Jo Rycroft has extensive experience working with world-renowned cardiologists and oncologists, having delivered exercise prescription in clinics in Harley Street. She is accredited by the British Association of Sport and Exercises Sciences (BASES), British Association of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR), Wright Foundation Cancer Rehabilitation and has a first-class honours degree in Sport Science and Physiology. See Jo’s profile here.


  • Multiple session programmes, to maximise outcomes – all delivered one-to-one
  • Includes full clinical, functional and musculoskeletal assessment
  • Prescribed home exercise between sessions in clinic
  • Nutrition and lifestyle support to enhance outcomes
  • Options for fitness/technological tracking to maximise impact
  • Integrated physiotherapy support from the clinical team at The Body Rehab

All sessions are closely monitored, with regular assessments to evaluate progress. Referring medical professionals are also provided with detailed feedback on client progression as and when required.


Jo works with people at all stages of diagnosis, including those who are under-going different treatment combinations. Programmes are designed to optimise energy levels, immune function and fitness, helping patient’s manage the side effects of treatment.


Safe and effective exercise programmes are designed for people who have suffered a cardiac event, such as a heart attack and treatments including stents, bypass surgery and pacemakers. Those living with cardiovascular disease, heart failure or arrhythmias can also benefit greatly from our service. 

Diabetes and General Wellbeing

Exercise programmes are also suitable for people looking to improve their health and fitness. Goals for this group may include improving body composition, managing weight or decreasing risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, such as reducing blood pressure and improving blood glucose regulation.


Coronavirus can have lasting complications, with many suffering from debilitating symptoms beyond the initial illness including breathlessness, chest pain, fatigue, and joint pain.  Exercise is an important part of recovery and all programmes are carefully designed and monitored to help build back strength and energy levels.

Get in touch to find out more by contacting Jo on 07713564492 or emailing info@jrhealth.co.uk.



It’s time to focus on your health.

Our Health Assessments are designed to give you a clearer picture of your current health and wellbeing.  The assessment focuses on highlighting potential health issues, reinforcing good behaviours, and making suggestions to improve your lifestyle.

What’s included?

  • Medical history and lifestyle assessment
  • Heart rate and blood pressure measurement
  • Height, weight and waist circumference measurements
  • BMI calculation
  • Body composition analysis, including body fat percentage
  • Hydration levels
  • A full written report of assessment results