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Bike-Fit Assessment

Professional Bike Fitting Service

Dr Graham Theobald BSc (Hons), MPhil, MSST, PhD, is our resident specialist in this area. He has a PhD in cycling related knee pain and also works extensively in the area of cycling across the world. He has published many scientific papers in this area and spoken at the Tour De France ‘Science of Cycling’ conference and The Medicine of Cycling in Colorado as well as working alongside Paul Vincentini and Dr Borut Fonda in Varese, Italy on the annual Science of Cycling ‘physio’ bike fitting programme. He is a regular writer in magazines such as Cycling Weekly and MBR. He is renowned in this area for his expert knowledge and treatment of cycling related injuries and also works extensively with our sponsored athletes in performance related testing and development.

In Graham’s words, there are Bikefits and there are ‘Bikefits’. Cyclists are looking for the best and here at The Body Rehab we feel we have one of the best around.

What is included?

Musculoskeletal and Injury Assessment

Because of our primary clinical work, we start with a discussion about your riding, aspirations and goals, weekly hours in the saddle and any problems or issues you are having with cycling

Person-specific Biomechanical Assessment and Correction

We cover critical issues such as leg length, biomechanics, pelvic movement, functional analysis and a screening of your movement patterns, both static and dynamic

Performance Related Assessment on your bike using computerised Wattbike software

When necessary we our Wattbike we look at pedaling technique, power output, power to cadence ratios etc. This can help when assessing you on your actual bike and when using the video analysis

Use of third party Motion Analysis software to assess position and fit

Using leading edge software, techniques and on-screen real-time analysis we work with you to look at joint angle, spinal alignment, reach, joint angles, medial/lateral movement and overall alignment problems that may be contributing to decreased performance, injury or injury potential. We primarily work in the sagittal and coronal movement planes

Footwear and pedal system examination, assessment & adjustment

We look at cleat angles, fore-aft, medial/lateral alignment. If suitable we can use wedges to re-align cleat angle. We also stock and can prescribe specialised orthotics on site to deal with biomechanical and performance issues

Injury related advice and bike set up correction

We will always give you evidence backed advice based on our experience and profession. We treat injuries all day every day and are trusted by thousands of our clients. You will benefit from this during the session

Follow up email service including PDF of bike settings and advice

You will be emailed documentation after the session outlining the current set up, on-screen accurate measurements on your own bike, screen shots from video analysis with joint angles and highlighted issues etc, changes made, changes to consider and a summary of the session. Please ask for examples of this paperwork

Bikefit areas covered

Saddle height, Saddle tilt, Saddle fore/aft, Saddle to bar drop, Bar tilt, Lever position, Reach, pedal set up, cleat position, gearing set up, crank length, bar position, bar width, body position, flexibility plus much more……..

The bike fit process is very much that, a process and indeed a journey. We support you after the initial fit remotely and in some cases with short follow up sessions to re-jig the fit and maximise performance and comfort. The process can take a month or two in some cases to perfect. Remote support is included the price.

Our clinical director, Dr Graham Theobald has over 20 years experience in both working with, treating and fitting cyclists. He has worked with UCI pro-tour cyclists from HTC-Columbia and Quickstep. He currently works with both local and national cycling teams and pro-cyclists.

Our BikeFit service has no equal in the area of sports medicine and is unique in its approach:

  • We fit the bike to the person
  • We fit the person to the bike
  • We account for all dysfunctions
  • We account for all injuries, current and historical
  • We use our skill and expertise across many areas to get it right and MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Following the session you will be emailed with a summary of the session including ….

  • PDF’s of your bike settings (example above)
  • Changes made
  • Potential changes for the future (depending on findings)
  • Options to consider
  • Positional factors in screen shots with annotations

Cost (including follow up email and bike settings)  £200

Bookings and Availability

Graham conducts Bike Fits on one Saturday each month. To book a date please call Di on 01539 822 746 or contact us.

Bike Fit takes approximately 2 hours – paperwork as outlined above will be sent electronically unless otherwise agreed. Please bring your bike (nice and clean please!), shoes, pedals and some close fitting cycling clothes (bib shorts for example).

On booking please be ready to supply details of the bike you wish to bring with you so that Graham can be fully prepared.  Most importantly the brand/model and whether you have quick release or bolt through axle.  Thank you.