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Altitude Training

Our Rehab Suite has been designed around our Altitude and Hypoxic training equipment

This innovative approach to injury rehab, recovery, performance and mountaineering is the only facility of this kind in the area.


If you are injured you can stay fit, and even progress your fitness levels with the help of hypoxic training which maintains/improves levels with less muscle load.  Oxygen delivery to damaged muscles and ligaments is crucial in speeding recovery.  Hypoxic training leaves you with an increased oxygen supply to the affected area for several hours following a session.

Oxygenated blood carries collagen, collagen repairs tissue …..


Athletes push themselves to the limit and hypoxic/altitude training helps recovery on many levels.  Long recovery periods may mean missing out on vital training sessions, or if recovery sessions are too short you risk  heading towards over-training.  With hypoxic/altitude sessions built into your training programme your system won’t become overloaded and you will feel less fatigued and recover more quickly.  You can therefore increase your training intensity and improve performance significantly.


Elite level athletes see over 4% improvement in performance using hypoxic/altitude training.  Recent UClan studies have even indicated increased performance in elite cyclists of over 10%.  Generally however, the more unfit you are, the greater the results.  When insufficient oxygen is delivered to the muscles, fatigue sets in.  Hypoxic/altitude training improves oxygen delivery and utilisation across all levels of performance.

We are actively involved in clinic based research into the performance gains achievable in elite athletes.  Our initial findings are remarkable in that power output gains are much higher than indicated using heart rate defined progressive sessions at 9-10,000 feet.



Acclimatise up to 23,000ft to avoid problems on your trip.  Long term, or chronic tissue hypoxia associated with non acclimatised climbing or trekking can be a bad situation.  This can be prevented or minimised by training the body to cope with less oxygen by administering short term acute hypoxia.  It is important to load the body gradually so it is encouraged to adapt.  This is the basic principle behind all acclimatisation programmes.

Over a period of time the body adapts to cope with less air, the whole system becomes more efficient at taking on and transporting oxygen.  it is now possible to start the acclimatisation process before you head to altitude.  For those who do not have the available time to acclimatise on location, this has become a valuable tool.

The benefits of Hypoxic Training include:

  • Increased VO2 max (maximum rate of oxygen usage)
  • Enhanced power output and speed
  • Improved strength and endurance
  • Increased exercise-until-exhaustion (ETE) time
  • Reduced recovery time after exertion
  • Decreased resting heart-rate and blood pressure
  • Diminished overall fatigue
  • Reduced possibility of altitude sickness and negative effects of hypoxia

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